Team Building Program "Action Takers."
Ready To Run Team Building Event For Teachers

Pages: 50
Format: .pdf
Year: 2015

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General Description

This book is a manual and access to a 100% ready to run team building event for teachers (great for students and kids). Clear, step-by-step instructions help you to make your own professional and attractive team building event fast, cheap and super simple.
Additionally you can get access to downloadable resources (printable tasks, .xls based score tables, etc.) that will make the event organization easier.
"Action Takers" is an active indoor team building activity / event for up to 100 participants, which can be organized easily by almost anyone just by following instructions covered in this manual. This type of team building program may be held as a fun event or as a team performance training with follow-up debriefing as well. "Action Takers" is a game-based non-stop activity. Teams have to accomplish many different short tasks in a limited period of time (this instruction includes 49 tasks / games). It they perform well, they receive some points. How many points depends on the team's overall strategy and risk assessment.
-Location: indoor event which can be organized under an open sky as well. You can choose your classroom, backyard...
-Group size: 5-100
-Duration: choose your own duration (1-6hrs)

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