Father And Son Activities. Create A Strong Bond With Your Son.
Become the best father to your son, even if you are too busy.

Pages: 27
Format: .pdf
Year: 2014

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  • Great Father And Son Activities

    Simple and great book for fathers who are interested in creating an amazing bond with their 6-12 year old son(s).
    Great traditional + ten new activities for you and your son(s).
    And of course we know you are busy, so we are!

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  • Why Activities?

    I know we are working in a busy world and don’t have much time for our kids; but before you spend money on your children, think about one important thing: “How much time have you invested in your kids?” Do not try to buy his love and attention.

About Nauris

My name is Nauris Svika. I’ve been married to amazing woman for 9 years and have two great boys. I’m a former military officer and veteran of Iraq and Kosovo. Take it easy, this is not a book for crazy drill parents and sport freaks. It’s great for a traditional, lovely family who wants to do the best for their children. The bond between father and son can be very strong, but at the same time I know many fathers who are struggling in this area. I’m a business owner, and have been a leadership and team development trainer since 2008. You know – whatever you do – you must find enough time for your family and for your son.

Nauris Svika
Nauris Svika Entrepreneur, husband and father.
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